January 2020 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the January edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – My Clever Group, Dataflexnet, Codeweavers, VesselsValue and Kanuka Digital.


WebAssembly Interface Types

Greg Mayes Developer, VesselsValue

The Future of Interoperability. Most examples of WebAssembly tend to be focused on running it within a browser and interfacing with JavaScript. What if WebAssembly could be executed anywhere, in almost any language? WebAssembly Interface Types aim to help with that momentous undertaking. This talk will provide a brief introduction to WebAssembly and interface description languages (IDL), before then moving on to the problem that WebAssembly Interface Types attempts to solve.

Using Cats to Purfect Your Software Architecture

Andy Clarke

What have cats got to tell us about Software Architecture? Well, most people are roughly familiar with cats, their boundaries and their input/output mechanisms. It turns out it’s very easy to see when a use case has gone wrong when using a cat. We’ll take a look at some typical cat use cases and see what lessons we can take back to software architecture.

Join me for an irreverent look at Coupling and Cohesion, Aggregate Roots and the Point of Highest Abstraction … all using the medium of cats.

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WordPress web developer for iWeb, cider drinker and cat owner.

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