July 2019 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the July edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

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Finding a boss that swears

Callum BoothSoftware Engineer, Bluetel

Talking about my experiences with job hunting and how I found the right company for me. Going into reasons why I left my previous company, the approach that I took, some of the challenges I faced and ultimately why I accepted the job I currently have.

CSS Grid – A Most Excellent Adventure

Kirsty Burgoine — WordPress Engineer & Frontend Developer, Human Made

Slides | CodePen

The CSS Grid specification is one of the most exciting additions to CSS, pretty much ever. And, much like Bill & Ted’s music did, it has the potential to create a “web” utopia in the future.

Kirsty will take you on a most excellent adventure exploring how to use CSS GRID in a production environment. Taking a tour of some of the new properties and units now available in the GRID Specification, how to create complex layouts and ensuring it is not a bogus journey by explaining some of the gotcha’s and how to get around them.

By the end, hopefully you will agree that CSS Grid really is Excellent and having a deep understanding of it will empower you to build truly flexible themes!

June 2019 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the June edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

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Angular Fundamentals – How to Build Modern Web Apps

George WildeFront End Developer, Contractor/Consultant

George will walk us through the fundamentals of the Angular framework.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to build your first Angular app. We’ll see how an app is structured, how components talk to each other, what a service is, how routing works and how to collect data with forms.

Whether you’re new to Angular, or just want to check you’re doing things the best way, this talk will fast-track you to building great Angular apps.

Timekeeping with JS at the beach

Rob Wells — Web Developer, EU Automation

JavaScript is not known for its brilliant abilities to keep time, so it’s probably not best suited to timing motorsport. In this talk Rob will explain some of problems he faced in building an offline application to time Vintage Hot Rods on Pendine Sands.

The seventh annual running of the Hot Rod Races is happening over the weekend of 15th and 16th June.

May 2019 – JS Design Patterns & Writing Website Specifications

Thanks for coming along to the May edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

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JavaScript design patterns – a case study

Elliot Evans — Web App Developer, Codeweavers

When creating a solution for a problem it can be challenging to put all the pieces together, this presentation will showcase how implementation of some design patterns helped overcome this hurdle.

Writing effective website specification documents

Mark Wilkinson — Developer and Co-founder, Highrise Digital

Do you want to set your website project up for success? Do you want to avoid any costly surprises along the way?

Of course, you do.

A thorough, focused web specification document will keep your web project running smoothly and, most importantly, will give you the best to chance of delivering a project that meets the goals of your visitors and your business.

In this talk, Mark will outline the key parts of an effective website specification and why they’re important.

April 2019 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the April edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – Codeweavers, VesselsValue and Kanuka Digital.


Adventures in building a large SPA Admin Area with Vue.js

Andrew McCombe — Senior Developer, Kaweb

Building an admin area as a Single Page Application requires a different approach than the traditional route. In this talk Andrew explains some of the architectural and security solutions employed in building a large admin area built with Vue.js and backed with a Laravel API.

Internet of (art) Things

David Perks

Artist makers are embracing the opportunities offered by single-board microcontrollers. David will outline some of his experiments with particular emphasis on the ESP8266 wi-fi board.

November 2015 – An evening of WordPress

Join us for an evening of WordPress on Thursday 19th November at Bean enCounter. We have free food and a drink waiting! We’ll be there from 6pm with talks starting at 7pm.

The nearest car park is North Walls and parking in Stafford is free after 6pm. The car park is open 24/7, so no worries about getting locked in!

Lightning talks

We’ve included a summary of the talks below and we’ll update the page with coverage (slides/videos) as it comes in.

WordPress: The only limit is yourself

Presented by Phil Wylie


WordPress is a flexible platform to build upon. In my talk we’ll take a flying look at some of the core WordPress concepts which have made it such a widely used platform.


Presented by Laura Vaquero Blanco

An introduction to woocommerce. an ecommerce plugin for WordPress that powers over 30% of the eCommerce stores online. Hooking into WordPress core functionality. I will give you a brief overview of its history and features.

WordPress Multisite in the wild

Presented by Jonny Allbut

Ever wondered how or even why you might use WordPress Multisite? Jonny will talk us through a couple of his recent real-world WordPress Multisite projects that illustrate some of the cool things you can do with this little-used feature of WordPress.

Copywriting crash course: How to beat most professional copywriters

Presented by Karl Blanks

Karl is a scientist with a PhD from Cambridge University. He is the Chairman and co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts (CRE), an international consultancy that scientifically optimizes the profitability of web businesses. CRE’s client portfolio includes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Lloyds Banking Group, GQ, and Sony.

In this talk, Karl will reveal a highly effective copywriting formula that you can use to sell anything—your clients’ services, your company’s services or yourself (i.e. in your CV, not on eBay).