Next event: February 2019 – CSS grid layout and the power of video


Join us Wednesday 20th February at Entrust for an evening of talks. There is free food and a drink waiting! We’ll be there from 6pm with talks starting at 7pm.

CSS grid layout and the power of video at February’s Staffs Web Meetup

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019, 6:00 PM

Entrust, Room G05
The Riverway Centre Stafford, GB

9 Members Attending

Join us for February’s Staffs Web Meetup. We have two talks lined up followed by our open discussion session. All our events are free to attend, with food and drink provided. We welcome both newcomers and existing members. Come along and join us! ⏱ SCHEDULE 6pm – 7pm People arrive 7pm – 7:30pm The Power of Video Martyn Lomax (…

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January 2019 – Guest Speaker – Elasticsearch: Mining metrics from logs

Thanks for coming along to the January edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – Codeweavers, VesselsValue and Kanuka Digital.


Elasticsearch: Mining metrics from logs

Jonathan Relf

With an increasing amount of log data from software & systems it can be hard to see the ‘wood for the trees’. Big data has a risk of being overwhelming in size and harder to manipulate. Metrics offer us a chance to digest and see trends at a higher level. In this session, you’ll learn how features in Elasticsearch has helped Esendex unlock numerical insights in log data & offers advice on finding an efficient combination of both approaches.

November 2018 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the November edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – Codeweavers, VesselsValue and Kanuka Digital.


describe(‘Front end Testing’)

Elliot Evans and Matthew Kemp

As a follow up from previous discussions in the meetups Myself and Matt will be going over how and why we unit test front-end code and then go into some live examples of testing.

The 90 Minute UX Challenge

Andy Tindale

A two year journey moving from print to digital design has resulted in the need to learn a host of new tools and a new set of design rules. This talk will look at the process of evolving across design disciplines and how setting timed creative challenges can help to learn new software and best practices when it comes to producing layouts and graphics for screens.

October 2018 – 4th birthday and lightning talks

Thanks for coming along to the October edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – Codeweavers and Kanuka Digital.


Using DevTools to debug your front-end

David Mountford

A brief overview of the many ways that DevTools can be used to more efficiently debug issues you may encounter while you’re developing.

CakePHP – An introductory tutorial

Trevor Adams

“CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster, while requiring less code. It is a modern PHP 7 framework offering a flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system.”

During this session I’ll be introducing the CakePHP framework by way of a worked example. This will be of interest to new web developers considering a first framework for applications. It will be of interest to experienced developers, especially those working on server side code and who might inherit an existing application using the framework.

September 2018 – 3D Printing & Code Club

Thanks for coming along to the August edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – Codeweavers and Kanuka Digital.


3D metal printing using modern C++

Cathy French

Over 30 years since its inception, C++ is still the programming language of choice for applications needing high efficiency and control.

Fortunately, new language features and libraries added in the C++11 standard and beyond have made C++ much easier to learn and use, and less error-prone, than it used to be.

In this talk I will introduce one such application, Additive Manufacturing (3D metal printing) and its computational challenges, and describe how some of the new (and existing) features of modern C++ can help overcome them.

Inspiring the next generation through Code Club

Tim Wilson

Code Club is a key educational programme for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, working to help young people learn how to build their ideas with code.

Meet Tim Wilson, Midlands Coordinator for Code Club and find out about how Code Clubs have been inspiring children across Staffordshire to learn to code, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Find out about the resources that children use, hear from Code Club volunteers about their experiences of getting involved and what you need to do to get involved as well.