Next event: May 2018 – Lightning Talks


Join us Wednesday 16th May at Entrust for an evening of talks. There is free food and a drink waiting! We’ll be there from 6pm with talks starting at 7pm.

Coding standards, recruitment, and drones at May’s Staffs Web Meetup

Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 6:00 PM

Entrust, Room G05
The Riverway Centre Stafford, GB

31 Members Attending

Join us for May’s Staffs Web Meetup. This month, we have three talks on coding standards, behind the scenes of recruitment and web integrated drones. There’s lots of free parking on the Entrust site. We’re a short walk from the town centre and train station. Thanks to our sponsors – iWeb ( and The Deskspace Project (http://w…

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April 2018 – GDPR and the power of JavaScript

Thanks for coming along to the April edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – iWeb and The Deskspace Project, run by TopCashback’s Charity (TopCharity).


The power of JavaScript

Fiona Knight

It’s amazing what JavaScript can be used for these days. Is it time for web developers to diversify, and can a new style of framework help.

GDPR and you

Bas Mostert

A brief introduction to GDPR and how it will affect you, your business, your clients and the industry.

March 2018 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the March edition of Staffs Web Meetup. The second event held at Entrust, our new venue.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – iWeb and The Deskspace Project, run by TopCashback’s Charity (TopCharity).


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Trevor Adams

How T&C Site Services Ltd transitioned from traditional on-premises IT to cloud services; thus enabling the business to tackle software projects that were previously out-of-reach. One such project is the use of the Google Vision API to assist technicians with diagnosing damage to tyres in real time.

The ‘Flying-Laptop’ Satellite’s on-board Technology

Barry Cook

I’ll describe what the satellite is intended to achieve and walk-through the systems on-board to make this possible. We’ll see what the final-build looks like and a few pictures of the final stages before, and including, launch. Digging a little deeper, we’ll see just how much on-board support is needed for a successful mission and take a very brief look at a couple of central components. Some of the less obvious environmental threats to continued operation in orbit will be described – and how they are made safe.

February 2018 – Adwords & React Talks Plus New Venue!

Thank you to everyone who made February’s meetup. The first meetup held at our sparkly new venue, Entrust!

A massive thank you to our sponsors – iWeb and The Deskspace Project, run by TopCashback’s Charity (TopCharity).


Automating PPC

Rob Wells

At EU Automation we manage over 16 million ads which is no easy task, except maybe for a machine. In this talk I will cover a few PPC basics, what convinced us that many ads was even a good idea and how data now drives our day-to-day advertising decisions.

React for Beginners

Elliot Evans

A beginner’s guide to React and its ecosystem.
This talk will cover the concepts behind React and extensions to the library. We’ll also make a brief comparison with alternative libraries.

January 2018 – Social

Unfortunately, our regular venue, The Apothecary closed down without warning. We postponed January’s lineup to give us time to secure a new venue. Instead we held a small social at The Picture House. Food, drink and a chat.

Our apologies for the blip in usual service. Thanks to everyone for their words of support and offers to host us!

We have secured a venue for February. We hope to see you there next month!