August 2019 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the August edition of Staffs Web Meetup.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – My Clever Group, Dataflexnet, Codeweavers, VesselsValue and Kanuka Digital.


Anarchy in the DNS

Richard HemingwayData Analyst & Network Administrator, Spec Check

The classic DNS Protocol that has underpinned the internet for decades is poised to be replaced by two controversial new protocols. This talk will cover the pros, cons and implications for enterprise and network security brought by DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS.

AWS Cloud – Choice picks for developers from a smorgasbord of services

Rhys Powell — Lead Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services


With Amazon releasing new features and services every month, if not weekly, what are the key services?

This talk takes a look at these key services that engineering teams should be aware of and goes through some of the features and functions that make them useful and what do the other cloud providers offer that are alternatives.

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