November 2016 – Lightning Talks

Our last meetup of 2016! Thank you to everyone who came along and made it a great night. Enjoy your Christmas break! We’ll see you in the New Year for more!

We’d like to thank both our sponsors – TopCashback and iWeb.


Auditing Your Site: 7 On-page SEO Essentials To Look For

James Kinsella

We’ll cover 7 of the most common and critical factors of your pages to look for from an SEO perspective, as well as how you can get started running an audit on your site today. A big focus on SEO, some best practices for designers and a few things for your developer to think about.

James has published an in-depth blog post covering the topics raised in his talk. See Auditing Your Site: 7 On-page SEO Essentials.

Breaking down the wall with agile design

Martyn Hoyer

We’ve discussed in the past “the wall” between designers and developers. It seems we’re all agreed that we need to communicate and collaborate but that can often be unfeasible.

This talk aims to adjust the mindsets of both parties and help to pre-empt and mitigate some of the common issues that arise.

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