September 2016 – Web accessibility with RNIB

Thank you to everyone who came to September’s meetup. We were joined by our guest speakers from the RNIB.

Rosie kicked off the evening with an introduction, outlining the definition of blindness and how sight loss is not the same for everyone.

John, who is registered blind demonstrated the accessibility features built into iOS. He moved on to show us a number of tools available for Windows.

Thanks to both our sponsors – TopCashback and iWeb.


Web Accessibility

Rosie and John from RNIB

Technology developed for people with sight loss is cutting edge, often pushing at the boundaries of convention. Screen reading software enables blind and partially sighted people to access and navigate information on computers and the web. Today’s digital devices – smartphones and tablets – have incorporated revolutionary features into their design that remove limitations and allow people to interact with them in innovative ways.

Join RNIBs Technology Coordinator John Hughes for a mind expanding evening learning about how people with sight loss use technology and the internet. John will demonstrate built in accessibility features on iPads and iPhones and discuss third party access software for Microsoft computer operation systems. Throughout the evening you’ll gain a new perspective on accessing information online and a deep understanding of why accessibility is a vital part of web design.

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