March 2018 – Lightning Talks

Thanks for coming along to the March edition of Staffs Web Meetup. The second event held at Entrust, our new venue.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – iWeb and The Deskspace Project, run by TopCashback’s Charity (TopCharity).


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Trevor Adams

How T&C Site Services Ltd transitioned from traditional on-premises IT to cloud services; thus enabling the business to tackle software projects that were previously out-of-reach. One such project is the use of the Google Vision API to assist technicians with diagnosing damage to tyres in real time.

The ‘Flying-Laptop’ Satellite’s on-board Technology

Barry Cook

I’ll describe what the satellite is intended to achieve and walk-through the systems on-board to make this possible. We’ll see what the final-build looks like and a few pictures of the final stages before, and including, launch. Digging a little deeper, we’ll see just how much on-board support is needed for a successful mission and take a very brief look at a couple of central components. Some of the less obvious environmental threats to continued operation in orbit will be described – and how they are made safe.

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