November 2017 – Lightning talks and last meetup of 2017!

We closed out the year with an uncharacteristically bumpy Staffs Web Meetup. The venue had misplaced their projector. Meaning we started off a little later than usual. The replacement projector had a fantastic eco mode. It shut itself down every 10 minutes!

Thanks for bearing with us. In the end, we saw some great talks from George and Fiona. Again, our thanks to everyone who has attended and spoken over the past year. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2018!

A massive thank you to our sponsors – iWeb and The Deskspace Project, run by TopCashback’s Charity (TopCharity).


The Future Of Front-End: Everything You Need To Know

George Wilde

We take a look at future of the front-end and try to discover what it looks like for developers. We’ll see what are the hot trends that will keep us up to date and employable in the future.

Women in Web and App Development

Fiona Knight

After a computer engineer fired by Google for suggesting women are less suited to certain roles in tech and leadership, this talk will look at is the gender in-balance nature or nurture? What, if anything, should companies and universities do to change this.

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