May 2016 – An evening of design & front end

A big thanks to everyone who came to May’s meetup. It was a brilliant evening, with a record turnout for Staffs Web Meetup.

Thanks to both our sponsors – TopCashback and iWeb.


The Business Case for Modular Design

Laura Elizabeth

Designing patterns instead of pages is generally thought of as more sustainable way to design.

Anyone who’s ever tried it will have probably have found it takes a lot more than just designing a bunch of components and fitting them together (like Lego!)

So with a longer process, and bigger budget, it’s increasingly important that we can get clients on board with this new way of working. To do that we need to work out what the business case is for modular design and most importantly, how we can sell it to our clients.

Saving Time with Gulp

Jake Cobley

I will explain the pros and cons of introducing a task runner into your front-end development workflow. I’ll then introduce Gulp and demonstrate how it can be used to automate a number of common tasks such as asset compiling and optimisation.

Discussion Session (Lean Coffee)

Trevor Adams 

Our interpretation of Lean Coffee, a fast paced open discussion. Using sticky notes, during the break people will post up questions or talk topics. You will have the opportunity to vote for the sticky notes that you find the most interesting. We’ll then open the floor for a short discussion on each topic.

Nerdy t-shirt competition

Jamie Pollock was the winner of May’s nerdy t-shirt competition. Judged by our carefully selected panel of experts, consisting of Bean enCounter staff and Natasha Allsopp. Jamie went all-out, wearing not one… not two… but five t-shirts! Exceptional effort Jamie. Well deserved win.

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