March 2016 – Guest Speakers

A big thanks to everyone who came to March’s meetup.

Thanks to both our sponsors – TopCashback and iWeb.


We’ve included a summary of the evenings talks below.

Help! I Just Inherited This Web App. Where Do I Start?

Darren Beale

Aimed either at the owner/manager of an existing web application or a web team who have just landed a large maintenance project.

It covers commercial as well as technical subjects, but at a high level suitable for the technical and non-technical alike. Rammed full of actionable advice from the get-go with a downloadable check-list provided at the end so you don’t have to make any notes. An excellent primer on the things to consider when taking ownership of a legacy project.

Testing from the outside in

Andrew McCombe

The industry is full of talks, blogs and books on Test Driven Development, and many projects come with a full set of tests already. But what if your project doesn’t have tests? What if you’ve inherited a website and need to implement new functionality? How do you know what you’re going to break?

Discussion Session (Lean Coffee)

Trevor Adams 

Our interpretation of Lean Coffee, a fast paced open discussion. Using sticky notes, during the break people will post up questions or talk topics. You will have the opportunity to vote for the sticky notes that you find the most interesting. We’ll then open the floor for a short discussion on each topic.

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