October 2015 – 1st Birthday Lightning Talks

We celebrated one year of Staffs Web Meetup on Thursday. There was cake, thanks to The Original CupCake Company and a sing-song towards the end!

The evening was hosted by Phil and followed our new format, two lightning talks followed by a longer discussion session.

Thanks to all those that have attended Staffs Web Meetup over the past year. The support has been incredible and we’re looking forward to delivering more great events over the coming year.

We’d like to thank our sponsors, Connect Group and iWeb for their continued support of Staffs Web Meetup!

Lightning talks

We’ve included a summary of the talks below and we’ll update the page with coverage (slides/videos) as it comes in.

Trials and Tribulations of teaching the web

Fiona Knight

I’ve been teaching web for 15 years now, and in that time things have changed a lot. Nowadays there are many different techniques, technologies and approaches to web development, and the challenge to teaching it is bigger than ever. I hope to provide some insight in our thinking and the problems of where we are, and possibilities on where we could go in the future, for your digestion and comment.

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Ruth Mills

Including how we can tie this in with Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), and use TDD at as many layers of application development as possible – e.g. back-end (using a mocking framework, e.g. Mockito, for mocking database access etc), data binding from model to view (using Thymeleaf TDD), and in the front-end (using a JS unit testing framework, e.g. Mocha, for JS unit testing).

Discussion Session (Lean Coffee)

Trevor Adams

Our interpretation of Lean Coffee, a fast paced open discussion. Using sticky notes, during the break people will post up questions or talk topics. You will have the opportunity to vote for the sticky notes that you find the most interesting. We’ll then open the floor for a short discussion on each topic.

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