August 2015 – Lightning Talks

Thanks to all those that attended August’s lightning talks. The evening was hosted by Phil and we had three lightning talks covering a range of topics. We will update this page with coverage as and when it comes in.

A big thank you to our sponsors, Connect Group and iWeb for supporting Staffs Web Meetup!

Lightning Talks

We’ve included a summary of the talks below and we’ll update the page with coverage (slides/videos) as it comes in.

Feature Testing and Deployment using Virtualisation

Presented by Trevor Adams

Describing the inception and evolution of internal product development and deployment using virtualisation and open source software.

An introduction to Elasticsearch

Presented by Ed Rowley

Elasticsearch is a modern powerful full-text search engine, but it is also really easy to get running and use. I will show how to get up and running with Elasticsearch, introducing the query language and explaining some of the high level concepts.

Port 80 All The Things Or At Least Most

Presented by Mike Elsmore

Micro service architecture is the in thing, and for good reason. With the growth of API’s, distributed infrastructure and the amount of things that are becoming app centric it totally makes sense. I’ll give an over view as to why it’s grown, why it’s great and some handy ways of glueing micro services together.

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