January 2015 – Guest Speakers

Thanks to everyone for their support and enthusiasm! We kicked off January with another successful Staffs Web Meetup. A fantastic turnout of just over 45 people. We hosted two guest speakers, Jenny Wong and Kirsty Burgoine.

A big thanks goes out to our awesome sponsors Campaign Monitor, Connect Group and iWeb.

Guest speakers

Staffs Web Meetup - January 2015 - Jenny WongJenny Wong

Jenny recently joined Human Made, Europe’s only WordPress VIP agency. Jenny is well known within the PHP and WordPress communities for her contributions and infectious personality! She is also an extra special guest for us at Staffs Web Meetup. It was her encouragement at WP Contributor Day which lead to the formation of Staffs Web Meetup.

Staffs Web Meetup - January 2015 - Kirsty BurgoineKirsty Burgoine

Kirsty is the organiser of ShropGeek, a monthly web meetup in Shrewsbury. She also organises the annual (R)evolution conference and Re:LOADED unconference. We first came across Kirsty while speaking at Responsive Day Out 2 in Brighton. Kirsty is a WordPress developer and managing director of her own company.


We’ve included a summary of the talks below and we’ll update the page with coverage (slides/videos) as it comes in.

Sharing Knowledge

Presented by Jenny Wong

The open source community works because of the amount of knowledge that is shared between people. Although everyone has knowledge and experiences to share, many do not feel they have anything worthy of saying.

In this talk, I will show that everyone has something to share, how to generate topics ideas based on conversations you have every day with your peers, and discuss the different methods of sharing – not all of it is on a stage.

I will also discuss the impact of the share mentality and how it is helpful even for your business.

Responsive Web Design

Presented by Kirsty Burgoine

Before responsive design, there was “standard” design. Keeping the client in the loop with standard design was easy, you showed them a visual and then created a pixel perfect website based on that visual. But as more internet enabled devices came on the market, responsive design became more common and the practice of pixel perfect designs became increasingly difficult to maintain, keeping the client in the loop using “the old ways” became impractical.

So how do we deal with this? What deliverables do we provide to the client and at what stages? There is no one-fit solution to this so instead I will share a few of the things I tried and how and why they failed. Hopefully you can then find a method to suit you and avoid some of the mistakes I made.

We’ll be back!

We raffled off a number of prizes on the night, including a number of books thanks to Five Simple Steps and O’Reilly Media. JetBrains kindly gave us a PhpStorm licence to give away. Finally, a French press with a bag of coffee courtesy of Bean enCounter. Congratulations to our raffle winners!

Our thanks goes out to our awesome sponsors Campaign Monitor, Connect Group and iWeb. With their support we’re able to put on Staffs Web Meetup and treat everyone to food and drink. Make sure to show your appreciation and pat them on the back!

We’ll be back in February for an evening of lightning talks. Join our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated on upcoming events.

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