Building Better Things Together – June 2015 Meetup

If you have yet to attend Staffs Web Meetup, I strongly encourage you to register over on and take a look at the format. However, what you will not get a feel for on the Meetup page is the atmosphere during the event. Everyone who attends is a builder; and I mean both literally and figuratively. I have yet to meet anyone that is not creating things or trying to enhance the experience of others.

It was a real privilege to be able to address Staffs Web Meetup in June; a perfect forum to introduce an idea and get feedback (and hopefully some more help). Presenting a call action can often be daunting, but I was bowled over at the positive reception and discussion that ensued after the presentation. I genuinely believe that we can build a great open source web curriculum and I am delighted that the idea was received so enthusiastically.

The blue sky ideas are only part of the charm. Within the space of an evening, we’d had technical tips regarding SQL transactions, a look to the future based on current design and a rather interesting take on the use of language in the workplace and social settings (focusing on the word ‘just’). Every talk was a treat!

To round things off, The Bean Encounter is such a lovely, quaint venue – it compliments the meet-up so well; it has such a warm charm and friendliness (and some of the loveliest coffee and brownies you might ever get to taste).

Thank you for letting me contribute to this excellent group and I look forward to doing so again in the future!

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CTO, Trainer, Educator and Developer.

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