February 2017 – Lightning Talks

Thanks to everyone who came along to February’s evening of lightning talks.

Greg stepped up to give a talk on the Dark Web. Helping to define and dispel some myths.

Dan gave an introduction to building extensions for the Chrome browser. We now have our own “Staffs Web Meetup Checker” extension. Now you’ll always know when the next meetup is!

Bean enCounter’s Jonathan delivered a talk on the types of social network which occur IRL.


Barry shared some details about an upcoming event organised by the BCS. Technology behind the Stoke-on-Trent UK City of Culture 2021 Bid is being held Tuesday 14th March at Staffordshire University’s Leek Road campus.

A massive thank you to our sponsors – iWeb and The Deskspace Project, run by TopCashback’s Charity (TopCharity).


Spinning a Dark Web

Greg Mayes

In a time where online traffic is more scrutinised than ever, increasing amounts of people are being exposed to terms such as the dark web, the deep web, and Tor. This talk aims to helps to properly define these terms, and dispel false preconceptions.

An introduction to browser extensions

Dan Bovey

This talk will introduce you to the world of Chrome extensions, what’s available to you as a developer, and how powerful they can be to change your web experience. Also, lots of shameless plugging 🔌

How Humans Naturally Build Social Networks: Implications for Social Media

Jonathan Cushing

Jonathan, as an evolutionary psychologist, will talk about how humans innately create social networks – food for thought when creating social media websites.

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